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Arriving by car

You can parallel park your car on the side of any street encircling Physicum, though finding a spot is sometimes difficult. All the parking lots on the Kumpula hill are reserved for inhabitants or Campus employees except for the small unpaved parking lot in the southern part of the Campus (you can see the road going there on the map starting from the south-eastern side of the Campus area).

Depending on the time you arrve, it might be difficult to find a free spot. If you see none on the hill, you can try driving to Jyrängöntie. On the end of the street there is a small parking lot and you can parallel park on the street and follow the path through a small forest patch up the hill to the Campus. There is also a small parking lot next to Jyrängöntie below the Hämeentie bridge but it is often even more crowded than Kumpula hill.

Some navigators might recognise Physicum or Kumpula kampus, but the safest bet is to use the address Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2.

From the Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Best options for arriving from the airport are taxi and train. Both can be found righ outside terminal.

Most taxi drivers propably don't recognise Physicum, but they propably know Kumpula Campus or at least Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2. If it is not rush hour, the drive takes around 20 minutes. The price is around 30-35 €.

With train, leave off at the Malmi train station and take the bus 71, 73 toward Rautatientori, or bus 74 toward Hakaniemi; leave the bus at the Kumpula campus bus stop. You can check the details from Helsinki region transport journey planner, just fill in the correct date and time.

Public transport

You can most easily arrive by bus or tram. Bus lines 55 (from central railway station to Koskela) and 506 (a "science line" picking up passengers from Kumpula and Viikki kampuses of University of Helsinki) stop next to Physicum at bus stop "A. I Virtasen aukio".

If you are arriving from the downtown, you can also use the bus and tram stops near the cross section of Kustaa Vaasan tie and Hämeentie. Bus stop is called "Kumpulan kampus". Suitable trams are 6T and 8, appropriate buses are more numerous and the best choice depends on where you are coming from. For example buses 55, 56, 70, 73, 75, 77 and numerous three-number ones with first number 7 (i.e. 741 ja 738) stop there. Helsinki region transport journey planner is an easy tool to find out the easiest and fastest travel route.

Most internal line buses and all trams in Helsinki have screens showing the next stop on the front area of the bus. It can be used to figure out when to get off the bus or tram. If you have a smartphone, you can also use a mobile app to display where you are on the route. Google Maps also knows Helsinki region transport lines.

Map of Kumpula Kampus